Road blocked in French Quarter and at Sandy Ground Bridge | THE DAILY HERALD

A vehicle blocks access over the Sandy Ground Bridge on Thursday morning.  (Robert Luckock photo)

Garbage bins block the RN7 in French Quarter. (Robert Luckock photo)

MARIGOT—Access over the Sandy Ground Bridge is currently blocked since mid-morning while the main RN7 in French Quarter is blocked in three places as protests resume on the French side.


Garbage bins and other debris were set alight in French Quarter since very early this morning preventing access to Orient Bay and Dutch Quarter in the other direction. No fires were visible later in the morning but the barricades remained.

  Demonstrators have indicated the protest over mandatory vaccination, the health pass, land rights, and other issues continues.

  There is no indication for the moment how long the protests will last and if barricades will be removed. The Gendarmerie and Territorial Police are monitoring the situation. As of mid-morning, there were no blockades in Bellevue, and Agrément.

Source: The Daily Herald


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