Robber stabs man in St. Peters bar | THE DAILY HERALD

Police on Soursap Road in St. Peters on Sunday evening. One man was stabbed by four masked men during a robbery of the business.

ST. PETERS–Four men armed with a machete and a firearm rushed into a bar on Soursap Road in St. Peters at 9:20pm Sunday. According to eyewitnesses, the men came into the establishment and demanded money from the persons at the bar and the cashier.

A Venezuelan national tried to intervene and attempted to stop the robbery. One of the robbers sliced him with a machete, causing him to fall bleeding on the ground. The robbers took what they could from the persons at the bar and took off on foot.

According to reports, the victim was driven to the hospital for further treatment and was not on scene by the time police arrived. Detectives were seen questioning bar patrons and neighbours about the incident.

Security footage shows three of the four robbers dressed in dark hoodies approaching the bar with their heads down moving quickly.

Anyone with information about the robbery can call the police at tel. +1-721-556-7498 or 542-2222.

Camera footage of three suspects on Soursap Road.

Source: The Daily Herald