Robbers demand credit card from street sweeper


STATIA–Eddy Spanner was busy sweeping along Synagogue Path in the wee hours of Thursday, when two masked men attacked, threw him to the ground and grabbed his wallet. One of the robbers boldly demanded a credit card.

Spanner told The Daily Herald, “I don’t have a credit card.” After finding just a few dollars in his wallet the two persons ran off.

From that request, the survivor, who was bruised on his face, said he recognized one of the robber’s voices.

After the attack, he contacted a friend to call the police. The St. Eustatius police Department has an ongoing investigation into the case.
Spanner is well-known as that Statia’s election results predictor. He also owns the Common Sense Corner, where he and his friends are seen playing dominoes daily.
Robbery and theft have been steadily on the rise on the island. Many residents are asking for an increased police presence, especially at night time and early morning hours.

Source: The Daily Herald