Robbery at Scotiabank, suspects caught by police

COLE BAY–Two men stormed into Scotiabank at Simpson Bay Yacht Club on Friday morning just after 8:30am, although four persons had apparently been involved. One man was shot, one sustained a minor injury and the other two were nabbed by police. According to initial reports they smashed the entrance security glass door and took an unspecified amount of money from the bank.

Scotiabank security officers and staff managed to sound the alarm and alert police that a robbery was taking place.  An unmarked tinted Hyundai Accent was parked outside the bank.

The suspects ran into the getaway car and drove off. Off duty police officers and Coast Guards members chased the car on the old Simpson Bay Road and opened fire, as the men seemed to be heavily armed.

The men then abandoned the vehicle and tried to escape on foot, but one was shot by officers. All four were arrested and the wounded one was transported to the St. Maarten Medical Center for further treatment.

The three others were brought to the Police Headquarters in Philipsburg for processing. Police spokesman Ricardo Henson called the arrest a success for the police and will release more information about the capture of all suspects at a later hour.   

Source: The Daily Herald


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