Robbie reacts to accusations

Robbie reacts to accusations

WILLEMSTAD–Lottery boss Robbie dos Santos has serious questions about the investigation into the murder of Curaçao politician Helmin Magno Wiels, specifically the “Maximus” probe into the intellectual authors of the murder. His name was mentioned during the first day of the case against suspected middle-man Burney “Nini” Fonseca that continued on Friday.

  One of the issues Dos Santos has is that in first instance they claimed he paid for the assassination. “Now they are saying that I gave the order. Which one is it?”

   Dos Santos’ and his half-brother, former Minister of Finance for MFK George Jamaloodin were mentioned several times during the hearing. Prosecutor Gert Rip indicated that these two men gave the order to have Wiels murdered.

  Dos Santos indicated on his Facebook Page that Wednesday was a very depressing day for him, his family and his colleagues. “I asked myself why do people have to lie so much and they didn’t even ask me anything. Why does he say that I paid for the murder and then change it to me giving the order; why? I don’t think these prosecutors want to solve this case!”

  Dos Santos said that the authorities could come after him if they want. They can tap his phone as much as they like because they have been doing that for more than six years now.

  “I’m someone that cannot harm anybody. I cannot lie either.”

  Dos Santos currently lives in St. Maarten. Jamaloodin is in Venezuela pending his extradition to Curaçao.

Source: The Daily Herald