Robert Weinum Cité School officially inaugurated Monday

MARIGOT–The Robert Weinum Cité Scolaire was officially inaugurated Monday in La Savane with a ribbon cutting in the presence of the late Robert Weinum’s family members.

The 20-million-euro educational facility that comprises Lycée and College was opened in January 2016 as a solution to relieve the overcrowding at the aging Lycée in Concordia. The first stone was laid in December 2013.

The large gathering included Préfète Anne Laubies, Recteur of Guadeloupe Camile Galap and his representative in St. Martin Michel Sanz, Director General of Semsamar Marie-Paule Bélènus-Romana, Senator Guillaune Arnell, Member of Parliament Daniel Gibbs, Vice Presidents and Territorial Council members, architects and contractors, and a broad section of teachers and education officials.

Former Director of General Services (DGS) Pascal Averne who was involved with the project at its inception was also present.

President of the Collectivité Aline Hanson noted in her address that the school population in the second degree has quadrupled in 26 years.

“The school population of our territory is 8,775 students, representing 24 per cent of the population of St. Martin (36,447 inhabitants),” she said. “This gives an idea of the growing infrastructure needs in our territory.”

She added that the work to construct the facility was estimated at 16.3 million euros but ended up costing 20 million euros. The State and Europe financed the project at 8.4 million euros and 6.4 million euros respectively while the Collectivité contributed 4.2 million euros.

Semsamar was commissioned to construct the Cité Scolaire which subsequently provided work for several local companies.

Cité Scolaire caters to 400 College students and 554 high school students. It has 23 classrooms, three language laboratories, eight science and technology labs, two computer rooms, and three art rooms, not forgetting a cafeteria and a sports complex.
The cafeteria serves healthy, balanced and nutritious meals and Hanson urged parents to register their children to make use of it.

“Our mission is to give students the means to achieve academic success,” she continued. “I would like to pay tribute to the educational community for its selflessness in putting the success of students first. I would also like to thank the landowners for cooperating with the development and construction of parking and sidewalks.

“This facility marks a significant step forward for our youth. We can all be proud of this accomplishment.”

Hanson expressed her gratitude to the family of Robert Weinum for allowing the use of his name while also remembering his great contribution to the community in many fields.
Family members present included daughter Rolinda Weinum, son Roger Weinum, grandson Noauni Weinum, and grand-daughter Aaliyah Weinum.

Also giving addresses were Director General of Semsamar Marie-Paule Bélènus-Romana, Recteur of Guadeloupe Camile Galap, Senator Guillaume Arnell, MP Daniel Gibbs, and Préfète Anne Laubies.

Principal of Cité Scolaire Frantz Gumbs took a moment to present the entire staff and teachers of the establishment to the audience.

The Grain D’Or dancers performed in front of the assembled dignitaries before the plaques for both Lycée and Collège were unveiled. The ribbon cutting honour went to Robert Weinum’s grand-daughter, Aaliyah Weinum, who was assisted by Préfète Laubies.
Following the unveiling, invited guests were given a video presentation of the construction of Cité Scolaire with commentary by architect Didier Rouault.
Source: Daily Herald
Robert Weinum Cité Scolaire officially inaugurated Monday