Rock Your Stilettos contest to be held on Statia Day | THE DAILY HERALD

This woman displays her high heels in cultural wear for Statia Day. (File photo)

  1. EUSTATIUS–Women and men will get a chance to compete in their favourite heels at the Rock Your Stilettos competition which will be held Saturday, November 16, for Statia Day.

Competitors will have to race in heels for the competition, which is being organised by Makeba Mitchell of Island Communications Service (ICS) Statia. The grand prize is a 50-inch television and the competition is open to both male and female competitors. Mitchell called on “all fit ladies, fun ladies and even the daring men” to compete.

Persons can create teams and wear the same colours for more fun and the first person to cross the finish line will win the grand prize. Heels and wedges must be three inches or higher.

The race will start at the Golden Bus Stop at 4:00pm and ends at the foot of Sandy Road opposite Gwendolyn van Putten School.

Mitchell is available to answer questions about the competition at tel. +1 721 580 1237.

Statia Day activities continue tonight, Friday, November 15, at 8:00pm with an International Night at the main stage in Oranjestraat. Performing will be King James, Tobap and the Limitless Band, Showtime, Face and others

On Friday evening 318 Right Field will host an event starting at 11:59pm. De Rhythm Band and Turbulanzz Band will be entertaining. The show is organised by Cagio 318. The bands will entertain all the way up to the opening ceremony of the 243rd anniversary of Statia Day on Saturday, November 16.

Source: The Daily Herald