Romney sentenced for reckless driving

PHILIPSBURG–The Court of First Instance condemned Indira Romney on Thursday, for reckless driving on July 4, 2015, on the A. J.C. Brouwers Road near Premier Supermarket. Romney lost control of her vehicle causing a five-car accident at the same time.

One woman, who was walking at the time, suffered serious fractures almost causing her leg to be amputated. Romney was picked up by police on Thursday, after missing her summons in April when the case was originally called. Upon her arrival she told the judge she did not know that she had to show up for the case. She was in court without legal counsel.

On July 4, 2015, Romney decided to pick up her boyfriend even though she was tired. She admitted to being tired and not having a driver’s licence. She informed the judge that she saw bright lights coming towards her and lost control of the vehicle. Police, however, in their report stated that she may have fallen asleep at the wheel causing the major accident.

“My boyfriend was on his phone and I don’t remember what happened next, but I do remember the crash and a woman screaming. I came outside and helped her to move,” Romney said.

The victim had a heart-warming story of trying to bear the pain and cope with bills that came with the life-altering accident. She claimed damages of US $15,000 and said that she might have to undergo a third surgery on her left leg.

“The doctor said I can never walk again in normal shoes, they will have to be made for me from now on. I do not have much to say, but I would like her [Romney, Ed.] to pay for the damages because my family has pitched in and the insurance, but only part of the cost. I still have a $3,000 open bill at the doctor, and I can’t go to the doctor because of the bill,” the victim told the judge.

The Prosecutor showed the video images of the car slamming into the woman and two vehicles that were parked. “She should be held responsible for her irresponsible actions. No driver’s licence, driving recklessly and not showing up for her court date in April,” said the Prosecutor.

The judge considered Romney’s personal circumstances before rending judgment. Romney is a mother of two who receives a salary of NAf. 900 monthly, it would be tough for her to pay for damages. Also, a heavy prison sentence would be detrimental for her two young children, according to the judge. However, she did rule in favour of the prosecution and ordered Romney to pay a fine of NAf. 10,000 to be paid in instalments; 240 hours community service, three months in prison which was suspended; three years’ probation and a nine-month suspension of her driver’s licence.

Romney, however, does not possess a driver’s licence, but in case she still takes the chance to drive and is pulled over by police, she would have to spend three months in prison for violating her sentence. This move is to prevent her from “taking the wheel” anytime soon.

“This is a mild sentence for a serious crime Ms. Romney. Know that it was irresponsible what you did, and for that the victim will never be able to use her leg like before,” said the judge after the sentencing on Thursday.      

Source: Daily Herald
Romney sentenced for reckless driving