Roof-top Jacuzzi catches fire at Flamingo Resort | THE DAILY HERALD

The Jacuzzi fire at Flaming Resort seen from a distance (photo by Max Thomas)

PELICAN—Fire broke out in a Jacuzzi at the Flamingo Resort, Pelican, around 6:30am Friday. The Jacuzzi was located on the roof of building four, but was not in use at that time of the morning.

  The Fire Department’s Duty Officer indicated two fire trucks were dispatched to the scene as a precaution due to the fact it was a hotel and that evacuation of guests might be necessary.

  “Despite a lot of black smoke, it was a relatively small fire”, the Duty Officer reported. “The jacuzzi had been covered up for the night. We suspect the fire was caused by an electrical fault but that will have to be determined from the investigation. No guests were on the roof at that time.”

  No injuries were reported and no evacuation was necessary.


Source: The Daily Herald