Room destroyed by candle fire Sunday

MARY’S FANCY–Fire-fighters rushed to Mary’s Fancy on L.B. Scott Road on Sunday afternoon to respond to a house on fire. The firemen were told on arrival that one person was inside the house, according to some of the neighbours who assumed that the homeowner was home because his bike was parked outside the home.

The Fire Department officials called for police and paramedics as back-up, but no one was inside the house. One room was on fire and fire-fighters managed to put out the fire before it spread throughout the wooden house.

According to Fire Department official in charge Tony Gibs, a candle was the cause of the fire and the homeowner admitted that he leaves a lighted candle in a room sometimes. The room was completely damaged and the house suffered water damage, according to Gibs.

The Fire Department is urging the public to be cautious and practice safety when leaving home by making sure the gas to the stove is turned off and candles are put out prior to leaving the house.

Source: The Daily Herald