Roy Marlin remembered as political heavy weight

CAY HILL–The late veteran politician and businessman Roy Marlin was never one to mince words. If he had a position, he let it be known and he was known for sticking to his guns when he believed the position he took was one to benefit St. Maarten, the country he loved and served for some three decades.

Not even his ill health kept Marlin away from the campaign trail leading up to the February 26 snap election. He was happy to be a part of moving his country forward.
Marlin was a staunch member and supporter of the Democratic Party (DP) and when not on the party’s slate, he threw his support behind party leader MP Sarah Wescot-Williams. He was also eager to share and educate anyone on the merit of his party and “my leader” as he referred to Wescot-Williams.
Now, though, his memory, his show of constant determination, commitment to family and country will hopefully last and serve as a driver for others to do the same, said many a person who is grieved by his loss.
Marlin (58) was taken by death on May 19, ending his long battle in this life with heart-related trouble. He was hospitalized in St. Maarten Medical Center. He leaves to remember his wife Vivian “Kitty” Marlin, his sons Ashton and Quinton, daughter Gillian, grandchildren, extended family and a wide network of friends.
In his active political days, Marlin served as an Island Councilman and Commissioner for the then Island Territory of St. Maarten. He also served as one of the first Members of Parliament after St. Maarten achieved the status of country-within-the-Dutch Kingdom.
He later transitioned to the private sector to open several businesses. But that did not take Marlin away from serving his country. He served on the supervisory board of water- and electricity company GEBE, a posting that saw him hold the chairmanship until recently.
In his private time, Marlin enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren.
Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin said of his passing: “We have lost another political heavy weight after a long battle against illness … Mr. Marlin has made his mark on the political arena on St. Maarten with his contributions as a civil servant, board member at NV GEBE, Island Council Member, Commissioner in the Executive Council and Member of Parliament.”
DP leader MP Wescot-Williams remembering Marlin said, “Whenever there were any rumblings in the DP, Roy would say: ‘Don’t worry, SAW. I will be the last Mohican standing next to you.’ The last Mohican has fallen, but leaves behind a legacy of political loyalty, passion and team spirit … Roy was at my side in my darkest hours and as he quietly walked up behind me as I softly said a prayer when I mourned my late husband’s passing, he hugged me and said, ‘This is how you are so strong.’ Yes, Roy, this is how I will be strong.”
Wescot-Williams’ path with Marlin first crossed not too long after he returned to St. Maarten from Aruba. They worked in the Finance Department together for many years.
“Our political careers were very much intertwined, and he believed in the DP with all his heart. We had many ups and downs, victories and defeats, but he had my back and knew I had his. He would blow his top and cool down just as quickly,” she recalled.
United Democrats leader MP Theo Heyliger recalled the times he and Marlin worked in the Island Council and in Parliament. “He was not the easiest person to deal with. When he had a position, he stuck to it. His determination and drive were qualities to admire.
‘We learned over the years to agree to disagree and to work side-by-side when this country needed it. He will be missed greatly. My condolences to his wife Kitty, his children and extended family,” said Heyliger.
Finance Minister Mike Ferrier described Marlin as “a self-made government administration genius and terrific political strategist.”
He added, “While Roy and I sometimes differed on approach of issues, his knowledge of how government processes are supposed to run was the reason I grew close to him and heavily depended on his guidance.”
In business matters, Marlin reciprocated by drawing on Ferrier’s experiences.
“For the 15 years, I was actively involved in politics, Roy and I worked together well, and I thank his wife Kitty, his children and his amazing mother for sharing him with us. After the passing of Joe Richardson, I am deeply saddened by St. Maarten losing a second giant in politics and government administration so soon after each other,” Ferrier said.
Remembering her father on Facebook, Gillian Marlin said, “No words can ever comfort the hole that is in my heart but knowing that you did everything possible to give my brothers, my mom and me the best life and knowing you lived your life exactly the way you wanted to, gives me a peaceful feeling. I love you and will forever remain your one and only princess!”
A condolence register for the late Marlin will be opened to the public in the lobby of the Government Administration Building on Pond Island on Tuesday, May 22.

Source: The Daily Herald