RS Cuvalay Slotmania, ARC Agency, donate to youth group | THE DAILY HERALD

Nephew of the late Raymond S. Cuvalay entering the R.S. Cuvalay Slotmania.

ST. EUSTATIUS–The ARC Agency NV and Raymond S. Cuvalay Slotmania have made a donation to Diker Sports Training Academy to assist youths from the foundation to travel abroad for a basketball training academy.

  The youth foundation will be travelling to Saba on April 9, with a group of 48 children forming male and female teams, to participate in the training academy under the entourage of coach, trainer and organiser Miguel Chiverton and male and female chaperones.

  ARC Agency and Raymond S. Cuvalay Slotmania Managing Director Arlene Cuvalay-Halbert thanked Chiverton for giving the companies an opportunity to be part of the initiative.

  Cuvalay-Halbert said the companies are always willing to support youths in the community. “We are truly blessed and truly privileged to be part of this experience and we will always be a part of supporting the children on the island in all forms – whether it’s sports, education, or any other endeavours,” Cuvalay-Halbert said. “We wish the entire group a safe and successful visit and training in Saba and encourage all to continue to keep safe and stay protected.”

  Statia and Saba are currently coronavirus COVID-19 free, so travel between the two islands is possible.

Source: The Daily Herald