Russian link to be explored for country

POND ISLAND–Airlift from Russia to bring Russian tourists to St. Maarten may be in the offing.

St. Maarten Tourist Bureau Head Rolando Brison will soon head to Moscow to talk with airlines and tour operators. He has been invited to Moscow on the initiative of the Sonesta Group, according to a press statement issued by the Cabinet of the Minister of Tourism and Economic Affairs. He is to hold discussions with Russia’s largest airline S7 Airlines.

Key players in the Russian market have expressed an interest in promoting St. Maarten as a destination of interest to its citizens, the press release stated.

Brison’s meetings with top Russian tour operators, including S7 Airlines, Tez Tour, Anex, Sunmar, Biblo globus and Mouzedenis, will take place on April 20.

“The airline is new potential airlift and the calibre of high-end visitors is what we are also trying to attract. These are opportunities that are welcomed and we commend the Sonesta Group for always being an active partner in promoting the destination,” Brison said.

A recent study of the Russian travel market conducted by EuroTravel showed that Russian tourists are back among the big travel spenders.

Another survey by market research firm Ipsos Comcon, presented on the first day of the MITT 2017 travel exhibition in Moscow, has shown that total spend by Russians holidaying abroad rose 40 per cent over 2016.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. Rolando flying all over the place in his first 30 days in office it seems. Russia, seriously?!? Why not go for Latin America whereby we already have some connections and have a better way to fill up our low season (their winter is our summer)…..why go all the way Russia???!!