Saba Business Association revived, elects new board | THE DAILY HERALD

The new Saba Business Association board (from left): Jacqui Christian, Gerard “Gersh” Geenty, Vanessa Wilson, Alida Heilbron and Andries Bonnema.

SABA–The revived Saba Business Association (SBA) organised a meeting with the business community on Tuesday, July 7, during which a new board was elected.The SBA was headed for quite a few years by Wolfgang Tooten, who was instrumental in bringing business and stakeholders together to address issues at hand. After his passing the SBA became less active for a while, but with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing the world of business to a temporary standstill, the importance of addressing issues collectively became clear once again.

A group of business owners in Statia came together to organise last week’s meeting and get a new board elected. More than 35 business owners from various sectors attended the meeting during which many issues were brought forward, from financial aid due to the COVID-19 pandemic to banking difficulties and issues with Customs regulations.“We thank everyone who has taken the time to come to the meeting and express the issues that they are dealing with at the moment. This gives us the opportunity to make an agenda and address the issues with the parties involved, whether through town hall meetings or direct meetings with parties involved. Special thanks go out to Claire Verbeke, Franklin Wilson and Lynn Costenaro, who all have been instrumental in this revitalisation meeting,” the SBA said in a statement.

A new board was established during the meeting, presided over by president Alida Heilbron, owner of Island Communication Services; vice-president and secretary Andries Bonnema, owner of El Momo Cottages; treasurer Vanessa Wilson, manager of Saba Educational Services; and board members Jacqui Christian, owner of Saba Wellness Pharmacy, and Gerard “Gersh” Geenty, owner of Five Square Art Gallery and Everyt’ings.

Source: The Daily Herald