Saba Electric purchases land for second solar park

Acting SEC Managing Director Mark Zagers, Seller Representative William Johnson, Commissioner Rolando Wilson, and Government legal counsel Gerald de Jong seen at the signing ceremony of the sale-purchase agreement for SEC’s second solar park.


SABA–Saba Electric Company NV (SEC) took one step closer to establishing a more renewable form of energy production in Saba by purchasing additional land for the development of a second solar park. This comes as a result of the decision to reduce the company’s dependence on fossil fuels, and to provide its customers with a more sustainable form of energy.

  The signing of the sale-purchase agreement for the parcel of land took place on Wednesday in SEC’s office in The Bottom.

  The parcel of land is located in lower Zion’s Hill near Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, and adjacent SEC’s property that is already being used to develop the company’s first solar park. The land was purchased from the heirs of the late Daniel Johnson and his late wife Marie Elizabeth Johnson.

  At the signing, SEC was represented by Acting Managing Director Mark Zagers, while the sellers of the parcel of land were represented by William Johnson.

  Also present at the signing was Commissioner of Energy Rolando Wilson, who expressed satisfaction with SEC in taking this step toward the further sustainable development of Saba’s energy sector. Accompanying Wilson was Government legal counsel Gerald de Jong, who was instrumental in facilitating the process for the land acquisition.

Source: The Daily Herald