Saba firefighters participate in Statia training sessions   | THE DAILY HERALD

Members of the Saba and Statia Fire Departments just before departing for their training sessions.

The Saba and Statia firefighters at the training sessions recently.

EUSTATIUS–Personnel of the Saba Fire Department visited St. Eustatius for a series of training sessions over a period of two weeks. The firefighters underwent aircraft fire-fighting training for Heat/RSTV (flow, temperature, smoke, flames).

The sessions involved checking pressure, volume, density, streaming, speed, ventilation, neutral smoke, temperature, influence on materials, signals, flames, radiation, flame temperature, etc.

The Fire Department personnel also took part in physical condition periodic preventive medical examination (PPMO) training with various special types of equipment.

Ten Saba firefighters took part in the sessions. To ensure that the Saba Fire Department had enough personnel on hand should an emergency occur, five Statia firefighters travelled to Saba to substitute for their fire personnel colleagues.

The sessions took place in Statia because these types of training sessions cannot take place in Saba, stated Statia Fire Chief André Bennet on Thursday.

Source: The Daily Herald