Saba mentorship prog. extended | THE DAILY HERALD

A flyer regarding the Saba Mentorship programme.

SABA–Due to the overwhelming responses from members of the community, parents, teachers, students, and stakeholders, on Wednesday the coordinators of the Saba Mentorship Programme announced the start of cycle two of the Mentorship Programme in August.

  The Saba Mentorship Programme is a joint initiative between the Department of Community Development and the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS). The programme aims to provide school-aged teenagers within the community with an opportunity to access individualised guidance from upstanding adult volunteers.

  Adolescents are at an important period of development. To help them realise and work towards achieving their full potential, the programme is seeking adult volunteers who are willing to share their world views, experiences, knowledge, support, and advice and provide a positive influence.

  “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about,” American writer, teacher and speaker Margaret J. Wheatley once said. “Through this programme, we can work together as a community to show our youths that they are very important members of our community and we care about their well-being. Moulding our young people means moulding a better future for all on Saba,” the Mentorship Programme coordinators said. The first cycle of the Mentorship Programme was a big success.

Source: The Daily Herald