Saba registers one COVID case, vaccine storage freezer arrives | THE DAILY HERALD

SABA–Saba now has one active COVID-19 case, Island Governor Jonathan Johnson announced Monday evening. This person has shown no symptoms and tested positive at the end of the quarantine, the governor said.

  “This is why the quarantine measures are essential and why we want each and every one to continue to take these measures seriously,” Johnson stated.

  A delegation from the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment RIVM visited Saba last weekend to train medical personnel on vaccination storage and ensure that Saba has everything in place for the vaccination process, which is to start by mid-February.

  “Our storage freezer came in yesterday [Sunday – Ed.] evening, and a final training needs to take place on this,” Johnson said.

  To keep the community of Saba informed as much as possible about the vaccination process, information sessions will be organised by Saba Health Care and the public entity.

  “The first set of town hall meetings will happen this week, and a vaccination hotline is in place so you can call or text with your questions or concerns,” said Johnson. “In the meantime, the testing and quarantine measures remain in place, even for people who have taken the vaccine.”

  Medical professionals will be providing information about the vaccine during two town hall meetings, which will be held today, Wednesday, January 20, at Princess Juliana Sports Field in The Bottom, and on Thursday, January 21, at Eugenius Johnson Center. Both town hall meetings will start at 6:30pm.

Source: The Daily Herald