Saba signs contract for reverse-osmosis water

SABA–The Public Entity Saba signed a contract with AquaSab N.V. for the supply of reverse osmosis (RO) water from AquaSab’s RO facility at Fort Bay harbour to the Government-owned water-transport system leading to The Bottom.

  The Public Entity has recently finalized the installation of this water transport system, which was built with the assistance of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and with advice from Vitens Evides International.

  The aim of the transport system is to reduce trucking costs of RO water and to ensure a more continuous availability and supply of water.

  Commissioner Bruce Zagers is happy this project could continue despite the disruptions caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

  “Availability and affordability of water is a priority, perhaps even more now than before. Water transport to The Bottom is the first step in our efforts to improve water provision on Saba,” said Zagers.

  AquaSab was selected after a bidding process, the end result of which was based on water quality, constant available supply, continuity of supply and pricing.

  During the bidding and selection process the Public Entity was advised by Vitens Evides. AquaSab will start supplying RO water on January 1, 2018. From then on, RO water can be retrieved at a filling station in The Bottom, thereby reducing the high transport cost associated with the uphill trucking from Fort Bay to The Bottom.

  The next phase of the project will focus on expanding the water-transport system from The Bottom to Windwardside. The Planning Bureau is currently developing the plans for this phase and aims to start construction works early next year.

Source: The Daily Herald