Saba starts phase two of car wreck removal project

Removal of a car wreck on Saba.


SABA–The Public Entity Saba has been working on a project to address the situation with discarded car wrecks on the island.

The Public Entity, together with Police Force Caribbean Netherlands KPCN, made an initial scan of the situation. This scan showed there were numerous car wrecks that are either discarded on the public road and on uncultivated lands, sometimes close to the road or close to other structures.

It is vital that owners properly dispose of their car wrecks, the Public Entity stated in a press release Tuesday. With the upcoming hurricane season car wrecks can, for example, become hazardous objects. The hurricanes of last year showed that unfastened materials can become projectiles.

The wrecks are also a hindrance on the public road creating an unsafe traffic situation. They can also become a breeding ground for mosquitos and make the island look less attractive.

Discarding a car wreck is the personal responsibility of the owner. Owners are asked to take their responsibility and dump their wrecks themselves.

Based on the Articles 2.5.1, 2.5.2 and 2.6.1 in the General Local Ordinance (Algemene Plaatselijke Verordening) of Saba, it is prohibited to place objects on or at the public road in such a way that this hinders safe passage. It is also prohibited to park a car wreck on the public road for over 48 hours, and it is prohibited to have discarded property such as car wrecks on land that creates mosquito breeding grounds or other unhygienic and unsafe situations.

During phase one of the project, which took place in January and February 2018, owners were granted a period of four weeks to properly dispose of car wrecks.

The Public Entity Saba placed stickers on each car wreck that was part of this first phase. Some owners took their responsibility and others did not.

Phase two of the wreck-removal project will take place in April and May 2018, ensuring the completion of this project before the upcoming hurricane season.

The Public Entity Saba may consider issuing an order (Last Onder Bestuursdwang) based on Article 140 of the Law Public Entities BES (Wet Openbare Lichamen BES). This means that those who do not take their responsibility in removing their wreck can be held responsible for the actual cost associated with removal.

Source: The Daily Herald