Saba street racers sentenced in court

SABA–The Court of First Instance on Tuesday, June 6, imposed severe penalties on two young Sabans. Both young men were on trial for street racing.

The Prosecutor charged them with dangerous driving. One of the suspects also drove in a car that was uninsured and had incorrect licence plates.

The police caught both men on February 12, at J.Z. Ridge Road between Windwardside and The Bottom. The police reported that they were moving with “high speeds,” citing “beeping tires” that “lifted off the ground.” Police also stated that “oncoming traffic had to manoeuver dangerously to evade the street racers.”

Pending a Court decision, the police seized the vehicles and the Public Entity temporarily suspended their driver’s licences.

The Prosecutor asked not only for a sentence that includes 80 hours of community service, but also a suspension of the driver’s licence for six months for one of the suspects, who is a first offender.

The Judge followed the Prosecutor’s demand, but sentenced the suspect to a conditional suspension of his driver’s licence during a probation period of two years.

The same punishment was demanded for the other suspect. In addition, due to prior road misconduct, the Prosecutor asked for the confiscation of his vehicle. The Judge followed the Prosecutor’s office in his claim.

In the end, the street racer was sentenced and lost his driver’s licence for six months and his (race) vehicle.

The Prosecutor, the Police and the Public Entity said they will continue to work closely together to stop street racing on Saba. Perpetrators can expect the same temporary measures and charges, the Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement.

Source: The Daily Herald