Saba to host second Tourism Conference | THE DAILY HERALD


Commissioner of Tourism Bruce Zagers (left) with Director of Training Professionals International (TPI) Natasha Gittens.

SABA–Saba will host its second Hospitality and Tourism Conference July 2 and July 3. During the Conference, topics that will be highlighted are the strengthening of regional relationships; an update from the tourism sector of St. Maarten; Saba’s recent agreement with Green Destinations and upcoming plans for becoming a more sustainable destination; the launch of the new Saba Tourism website with an in-depth review of its new features; and a motivational session about destination recovery after a disaster.

This year’s Conference has also been expanded to include hospitality trainings. The Public Entity Saba and the Saba Tourist Bureau have collaborated with Training Professionals International (TPI) to expand this year’s event to include three days of hospitality trainings and workshops commencing June 25 and ending June 27.


TPI Director Natasha Gittens worked closely with the Public Entity to produce course offerings which are to help to further develop Saba’s tourism industry.

The trainings will cover a range of topics, which include Managing Customer Expectations, Attitudes for Service and Overcoming Obstacles to Customer Service. All courses are accredited, and participants will be receiving a certificate on completion of the training.

The hospitality trainings are open to employees within Saba’s hospitality and tourism industry, but persons from St. Maarten and St. Eustatius may also register to attend.

“Last year was the first year that we offered the Tourism Conference and it was a considerable success. It is great that we could not only offer the conference again, but that we were able to expand it into an event that will help to further strengthen Saba’s hospitality sector. Already, we have received a positive response to the announcement. I am looking forward to not only observing our product’s continued development, but to also being a part of that development,” Commissioner of Tourism Bruce Zagers said.

Source: The Daily Herald