Safe swimming possible on part of Simpson Bay Beach

SIMPSON BAY–The stretch of Simpson Bay Beach from Halley Drive to Karakter Beach Bar is safe for swimming.

The section was cleared of hurricane debris and visibility and water quality have improved significantly, said Nature Foundation in a statement Tuesday. The debris was removed by the Foundation.
While this section is safe for swimming, the Foundation warns that a large boat wreck is still located on the west side of Karakter, in the direction of Beacon Hill. The 30-metre-long wreck has been troubling swimmers since it sank in 1991. Salvage efforts have been unsuccessful. Hurricane Irma exposed the wreck even more, with sharp metal edges uncovered directly at the shoreline beside Karakter Beach Bar.
Measurements of the wreck need to be taken to protect swimmers against injury. The Foundation advises caution in the area.
The water quality of Great Bay is still considered poor. Visibility is still insufficient to remove hurricane debris from the shallow waters. Swimming at Great Bay Beach is not recommended now by the Foundation.
The Foundation also urges swimmers to avoid Guana Bay Beach and Indigo Bay beach due to hurricane debris on the beach and shoreline. Runoff water and wave action of the past few days have decreased visibility and water quality.

Source: The Daily Herald