Saleh: ‘Pay more attention to nature’

ST. EUSTATIUS–“We have to pay more attention to matters of nature,” said Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) Patron and Former Governor General of the Netherland Antilles Jaime Saleh while on St. Eustatius.

Most of the times, it is very complex between nature and economy. People are fighting each other, he keeps telling them that they need to have a joint venture between nature and economy, Saleh said. The best thing is to protect both, which will cause you to have a growth in economy and also protects the island’s nature. 

“I’ve been saying this for many years, when I was the governor general from 1990-2002, for 12 and a half years, I came to the island of St. Eustatius, three to five times a year. One thing I paid attention to was nature; I walked in the streets, the mountains, and others places,” he said.