Sandy Ground association launches ‘Become an Eco-Citizen’ project

MARIGOT–Association Sandy Ground on the Move Insertion has launched its latest project “Become an Eco-Citizen,” an initiative about respecting, protecting and preserving the environment over the long term.

“Six months after the passage of Hurricane Irma, damage is still very evident; houses in ruins, and mountains of waste on streets that are not only unsightly but pose a health risk to the people. This undoubtedly slows down the process of psychological reconstruction for a population who already experienced a difficult ordeal,” noted Director of Sandy Ground on the Move Insertion Majorie Antoine in a press release.

“If the living environment of inhabitants of Sandy Ground has been greatly degraded following the passage of Irma, it goes without saying living conditions of the population in this area can be greatly improved with better preservation of the environment.
“On February 1, 2018, we started cleaning the streets with the hope of mobilising the inhabitants. Two weeks after the launch of this programme, despite beautiful testimonials of gratitude, no one heeded our call.

“Today, we decided to launch a campaign to raise awareness of the need to respect, protect and preserve our environment. Without being pessimistic or alarmist, we are reminding that the next hurricane season is not far away, and we do not know what it will bring. All this waste could turn into dangerous projectiles if a major hurricane occurs again.
“It is true there has been a great clean-up after Irma to clear all the streets, but our island is not quite clean yet. On February 19 and 20, 2018, 10 of our employees and four volunteers spent considerable energy in convincing the population to become an actor in this action necessary for the socio-economic development of Sandy Ground. We can never thank them enough.

“From March 1, 2018, we will resume the cleaning phase and encourage all those who wish to participate voluntarily in this operation to call us on (0690) 62.82.94 or to come to our offices Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 3:00pm (private companies, entrepreneurs, associations, the inhabitants of the whole island).

“During this phase of cleaning, we encourage the inhabitants of Sandy Ground to deposit items intended for the dump in the places indicated by the Collectivité and only in these places! At the same time, we encourage people to repair what can be repaired. This is also an eco-citizen gesture.

“We do not want to be content only with an effective cleaning for a sustainable result. We must keep up good practices, to maintain, preserve, and protect this environment. To plan this action in the long term, we will need funds, all donations are welcome (materials, equipment, money). In the words of Albert Camus: ‘The true generosity towards the future is to give everything to the present.’ So, let’s give everything, so our neighbourhoods can be revived! Become a participant, become an eco-citizen! See you on March 1. We hope lots of you come out.”

Source: The Daily Herald