Sandy Ground on the Move gives update on structuring and staffing

MARIGOT–Director of Association Sandy Ground on the Move Insertion, Marjorie Antoine and district council six representative Georges Richardson updated the media on the structuring and recent appointments in connection with the two new associations created last month in Sandy Ground.

The new associations, “Aim for Success” and “Advancing Help for the People” were created to expand and complement the work of Sandy Ground on the Move Insertion which legally could not take on more projects under its umbrella.

The main work of the associations is to help families, assist school children, assist young adults in difficulty, create employment to combat delinquency and reduce the school drop-out rate.

Antoine indicated there are now 47 salaried employees within the associations, 30 of whom are sub contracted and four are permanent staff. She said structuring is split between administrative work and accompanying socio professional programmes.

New persons hired include Isabelle Ralefomanna who is in charge of human resources and social affairs, with emphasis on cultural and artistic projects and after school work, for the moment with primary school children.

Jessica Mecharles is a professional counsellor, responsible for implementing training programmes and is in contact with companies to search for available jobs. Joel Delorme is in charge of cultural and artistic projects for children, while Patrice Vertot is helping ex-prisoners to re-integrate into society. Another hiring was Anoushka Hon as secretary.

Two other young people also talked about their jobs and how it has improved their lives.

Antoine noted those hired are “motivated and committed to their roles.”

Georges Richardson noted that Joel Delorme works with children to identify their natural talent.

“It’s definitely a plus,” he said. “Talent is not always obvious and can remain hidden for a long time, but Joel has the ability to bring it out and that allows children to develop that talent that perhaps they didn’t know they had.”

Richardson said he was grateful for the funding and resources contributed by the State for Sandy Ground.

“It is up to us now to cooperate and do our part. I hope the Collectivité will also continue to help us to achieve a better St. Martin. I’ve been using the word insertion for a long time but today that should be changed to social integration because that is what we are trying to do, to meet the needs of the people.

“We need, and now have, competent people to achieve this and you will notice that we have more people around the table to carry this out. The people are crying out louder for help and they are depending on us.”

Source: The Daily Herald