Sarah invites Envirogreen to explain plans for dump


PHILIPSBURG–Canada-based Envirogreen Energy Inc. has been invited to Parliament to explain its plans for the country’s overflowing and smouldering landfill.


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  The invitation from Parliament Chairwoman Sarah Wescot-Williams stems from a memorandum of understanding with the company signed by Environment Minister Christophe Emmanuel in July.

  “Not wanting to waste any time with questions to the Minister which would most probably go unanswered, contact was sought with the company,” Wescot-Williams said in a press statement issued on Tuesday.

  The company’s chief executive officer has responded to the invitation and has informed that a team will visit before yearend to meet with Parliament.

  “Parliament will be on recess later this month, but I am sure members will be willing to interrupt their recess to hear about this vital project. As a Parliament, we cannot sit back and wait until Government decides it is time to inform the Parliament and the general public about matters of vital importance to our wellbeing,” said Wescot-Williams.

  “With all the talk going on about the dumpsite in Philipsburg, the extra garbage because of the hurricane and the recent fires, the question begs, where are we with this concession and the waste-to-energy project.”

  The Minister also announced in July that the company was studying the power purchase agreement (PPA) and the concession with utilities company GEBE and that the company will not charge the Government for anything.

  Other than the Minister’s statements, Wescot-Williams said on Tuesday, “We have not heard from Government or GEBE regarding respectively the concession or the PPA.”

Source: The Daily Herald