Sarah questions kingdom ministers on aiding country with de-risking

PHILIPSBURG–“I have tried a thing,” said Parliament Chairwoman Member of Parliament Sarah Wescot-Williams about her questions to the Kingdom Council of Ministers about the Dutch Government’s reluctance to support the country with the de-risking issue related to corresponding banks.

  Wescot-Williams said at a press conference held in Parliament House on Monday she has used statements made by Finance Minister Richard Gibson Sr. about the Kingdom Government’s reluctance to back up in the de-risking process, while same has expressed support for the Caribbean Community CARICOM.

  She has asked the Kingdom Government if it’s aware of the problems de-risking process can cause for St. Maarten, its people and business community. She also enquired what the Kingdom Government will do to get the Dutch Government “on board” with assisting St. Maarten.

  “I hope they answer … I have tried a thing as we say in local parlance,” she said, adding that her thrust to send the questions is based on “everyone is choosing the side of the road they want” on different matters. 

  Help with de-risking is “a very important matter for the people of St. Maarten,” she said.

  The working of the relationships in the Kingdom “needs to be revisited,” she pointed out. “We have never had a general evaluation of the working of the general relationship.”

  Without a review of the relationships in the Kingdom, room remains for lack of support as is the case with de-risking.

Source: The Daily Herald