Sarah says NA had no confidence in PM

PHILIPSBURG–Democratic Party (DP) leader Member of Parliament Sarah Wescot-Williams believes the recent change of leadership of the National Alliance (NA) political party had to do with the members of the party not having confidence in the leadership capability of its current leader William Marlin, who announced that deputy leader Silveria Jacobs will be taking up the leadership.

Marlin has led the party since 1997.
As the soon-to-be-leader, Jacobs has extended an olive branch and has been engaging in discussions with leaders of other parties to form a national government, as she believes this will be in the best interest of St. Maarten currently.
Wescot responded to Marlin’s announcement this week that it was time for a fresh face to head the NA ticket: “The membership of the National Alliance has also given a vote of no confidence for its leader. Why, during this time, he made that announcement? The membership even believes that he is not fit to lead the party anymore,” said Wescot-Williams during a press briefing on Wednesday.
She maintains that this is not the right time for snap elections. “The country is facing tough times and the NA wants an election cycle. Where are their priorities? The Prime Minister continues to show why a majority in Parliament passed a motion of no confidence against him last week.”
She said that if parties decided not to present their lists to the Voting Bureau on Nomination Day, Monday, November 13, the NA can present its list and, come election day, 15 candidates will be sworn in as the new Parliament even though the voting turnout is very low.
“There is no question of being ready for elections, but this is not the right time and the DP will maintain that. However, if we have to present a list with another party or by ourselves, then so be it come Monday,” stated Wescot Williams.
Jacobs, who had indicated her willingness to take over the helm of the party in 2014, said she had been asked again recently and had accepted. The decision is still to be formalised by the party’s congress.
Jacobs’ taking over of NA has been in the making for some time already. She accumulated the most votes on the NA slate in last two elections in 2014 and 2015, was the second overall biggest “vote-getter” in both elections, and many in the community had been pushing for this change.

Source: The Daily Herald