Sarah says UD open to talks to form next Govt. | THE DAILY HERALD

Re-elected UD MP Sarah Wescot-Williams.


PHILIPSBURG–The United Democrats (UD), which secured one of the 15 seats in the next Parliament for St. Maarten, is open to engage in talks for the formation of the next government.

  UD leader Member of Parliament (MP) Sarah Wescot-Williams, who obtained 353 personal votes (not 289 as had been reported in Friday’s paper) and was re-elected to Parliament, said UD is not excluding anyone for talks.

  “I think that all Members of Parliament in having their talks regarding the next government must give serious consideration to what we all championed in the campaign which is providing stability in the next governing term and this has to be the focus of all,” Wescot-Williams told The Daily Herald in an invited comment.

  “We campaigned on it and we have to now give St. Maarten the much-needed stability for a government to be able to govern and my hope is to govern for the next four years. Let the talks begin. Let our focus be on providing stability and a serious government for St. Maarten. The UD is open to be part of these discussions and see how we can provide the best governing platform for the people of St. Maarten. This is needed. We are excluding nothing or no one and we are open to play our part in having a discussion that will lead to the best government for St. Maarten.”

  She said this is an opportunity for everyone to show the maturity and love for country “as we all profess in a very serious way.”

  “The Governor (Eugene Holiday) has started his rounds of consultation. Let us take it from there and hopefully all leads to a stable government and a respectful Parliament keeping check on that government.”

  Wescot-Williams thanked the people of St. Maarten for going out and voting in the election. “The turnout, while not the highest that we have known, is not bad considering the sentiments that existed in the campaign period of persons being sick and tired of short-terms of election. I thank the people of St. Maarten for coming out and for voting. I thank those who voted for UD and also extend words of congratulations to all candidates, who were on a slate in the elections. I am sure it was not an easy decision, 112 candidates put up their names to contest the election. Congrats to all those who won a seat and to the National Alliance which turned out to the be the largest party coming out of the election,” the UD leader said.

Source: The Daily Herald