Sarah wants info on Integrity Chamber | THE DAILY HERALD


 PHILIPSBURG–It is “high time” the country hears from government something about the still-to-be-established integrity chamber “without rehashing the checkered past of this piece of legislation,” said United Democrats Member of Parliament Sarah Wescot-Williams on Tuesday.

  Wescot-Williams has written to Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin asking for an update. “If there is one good thing about this Chamber, it is the fact that it is an Ordinance of the Parliament of Sint Maarten and the control on the establishment of the Chamber must therefore come from the Parliament.” the MP stated.

  Questions to the Prime Minister from the MP focused on the Chamber, its reports, staffing, budget and accountability. “It is also worth considering inviting the two quartermasters to Parliament,” the MP suggested to the prime minister.

  While there are many other urgent matters before the Council of Ministers, it is Parliament’s duty to hold the government to its priorities, said Wescot-Williams.


Source: The Daily Herald