Sargassum clean up ongoing in Pointe Blanche as more seaweed rushes in | THE DAILY HERALD

POINTE BLANCHE–Tonnes of rotting Sargassum seaweed are being trucked away from the Pointe Blanche Bay much to the relief of residents.

The clean up efforts started late last week and continued early today, Monday. The effort is under the guidance of the Ministry of Environment and Infrastructure VROMI.

The rotting stinking weed not only attracts flies. It causes issues for people with breathing problems and those allergic to mould.

The seaweed has covered the bay for weeks now and has piled up to form a new extended shoreline. The surface of the bay is coated in the weed resulting in a marked decreased in sighting of the Brown Pelican, St. Maarten’s national bird, that favours this area for fishing.

The ongoing removal effort is capturing the already beached seaweed. However, more seaweed is drifting in and piling up as the clean up crew works. This continued influx will necessitate more constant clean up in the weeks ahead.

Nature Foundation St. Maarten has warned for several weeks now that this year’s Sargassum invasion will be one of the worst yet.

Source: The Daily Herald