Sarkozy wins in St. Martin in first round of Centre Right Primaries

MARIGOT–Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy gave “Les Républicains” a short-lived boost by winning St. Martin in the first round of the Centre Right Primary elections on Saturday, but crashed out in France conceding defeat to François Fillon on Sunday.

Sarkozy secured 172 votes (36.75 per cent) effectively taking Grand Case while second placed François Fillon trailed Sarkozy with 155 votes (33.12 per cent) but won Marigot.

Alain Juppé was third with 128 votes (27.35 per cent).

The Primary Elections were held on Saturday, November 19, for the Overseas Territories with second round scheduled for Saturday, November 26. Voter turnout was very low just 417 votes (2.5 per cent) out of 18,872 eligible voters.

Results from the remaining candidates were: Bruno Lemaire (5), Nathalie Kocuskio-Morizet (4), Jean-François Poisson (4), and Francois Cope (0). There was one blank vote.

Voting stations were installed in Grand Case and the Chamber of Commerce, Concordia.

Fillon, who also won in St. Barths edging Sarkozy into second Juppé into third, amassed 47 per cent of the vote in France compared to 27 per cent for Alain Juppé, and 21 per cent for Sarkozy (See page 32 for more).

Daniel Gibbs was President of the voting bureau in the Grand Case Cultural Centre and Leela Hanson-Connor President in the Chamber of Commerce bureau.

The second round will be held on Saturday, November 26, in the same locations and same hours – 8:00am to 7:00pm.

Source: The Daily Herald