Saunders’ residents fed up living in dark, want electricity restored


SAUNDERS–Residents of Amaranthus Road, Sunflower Road and Jasmine Road in Saunders are fed up of being in the dark and subjected to the intense daily heat and other elements as a result of not having electricity since hurricane Irma struck the country more than four months ago on September 6, 2017.

The electricity network in the area is currently overhead and while surrounding streets in Saunders have light, these three roads are without. One deeply-frustrated resident told The Daily Herald that the roads in the area have been dug up since late November so that the electricity cables can be placed underground after the light poles were toppled during Irma’s wrath. “But sadly the work is being done at a snail’s pace,” the resident said. “Since mid-December, it seems as though the work has stopped. There are cables sticking out of the ground, but there are no workmen working. We are now in the second week of January and nothing is happening,” the resident said.

Residents are pleading with Utilities Company GEBE’s management team to have the process sped up so that they can finally have much-needed electricity in their area, as four months is too long to be without this critical service. Residents also want the officials to “step forward with concrete answers” to the following questions: Is the transformer located at the beginning of Amaranthus Road in working condition?


Why isn’t work being done in the area currently? And when will house connections be finalised?

Residents are hoping to have electricity sooner rather than later.

Source: The Daily Herald