SCDF announces slight change in its organizational structure

The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) on Friday announced that a small change has been made to its organizational structure. Long-time member and current Director Mike Granger has voluntarily chosen to assume the role of a regular SCDF volunteer board member. Granger informed the board to whom he reports that his role of full-time Director is conflicting with too many of his personal and business initiatives.

The board said that Granger’s returning as a regular SCDF volunteer assures the foundation that it can still count on his invaluable 18 years of Carnival experience and guidance. “We are a team anyway, and Mike is an invaluable part of this team, so nothing changes in the way we operate. Mike is extremely passionate about Carnival and it’s good to know he isn’t going anywhere. Like all of us, he does it because he loves it,” the board said.

Source: The Daily Herald