SCDF promoting St. Maarten Carnival on Ubersoca Cruise | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) has joined soca-lovers from around the world on the Ubersoca Cruise to promote Carnival 2019 “Carnival 50” as well as destination St. Maarten.

  Along with the St. Maarten Tourist Bureau (STB) and many other persons and partners from Dutch St. Maarten and French St. Martin, SCDF will seek to build long-standing relationships in the region that could lead to beneficial partnerships for the further growth of Carnival.

  The very popular cruise attracts not only soca music- and Carnival-lovers, but key power players in the industry. Festivals throughout the Caribbean have a presence on the cruise. SCDF not only has representatives present, but a Carnival video is being played on screens aboard the ship, there is signage and other material to leave an impression. The foundation members also took part in a presentation about St. Maarten and St. Maarten Carnival.

  “Attending Ubersoca Cruises is something we have always targeted. It’s a positive step that we can do so in collaboration with the STB, since Carnival ties into what STB’s core objective is, and that is to promote and attract people to destination St. Maarten.

  “We are also joined by many St. Maarteners, some who live in St. Maarten, others who live elsewhere. We wave our flags proudly and, of course, we fete the way we fete. We plan on taking full advantage of every opportunity,” SCDF President Alston Lourens said.

  The Ubersoca Cruise is the largest soca festival at sea. The five-day, four-night cruise experience fuses the energy and excitement of Carnival with the feel of a luxury cruise to create an experience beyond music. It features non-stop soca fetes and the best soca entertainers in the world. 

  With more than 45 events, including a pre-party, live concerts, themed-parties, mas, a j’ouvert, sports competitions, comedy shows, pool parties and panel discussions, the Ubersoca Cruise is the ultimate carnival experience.

Source: The Daily Herald