School staffers get info on APS housing project

APS Director Nadya Croes van Putten and WITU President Claire Elshot amongst attendees at the session.


PHILIPSBURG–General Pension Fund Administrator APS provided teachers and school staffers with information on housing possibilities during an information session held on Thursday, March 1.

During the session, APS spoke about their newest investment property – the Oryx Residence Project. More than 75 persons attended the session held by the cabinet of the Education Minister in collaboration with Windward Island Teachers Union (WITU).

During the session, Education Minister Jorien Wuite thanked the teachers for attending and spoke about her role in securing the interests of the educational sector.

WITU President Claire Elshot-Aventurin encouraged attendees to pay close attention to the information presented to ensure they were well informed of the possibilities. She thanked the Minister and APS for their efforts in organising the session and called for further collective efforts.

APS Director Nadya Croes-Van Putten spoke about the importance of teachers and school administrators as invaluable members of the community, and underscored the importance of home ownership.

The main presentation was given by APS Projects Manager Kendra Arnell and Key Real Estate owner Michelle Noll, who provided details of the development of the project. They spoke about the motivation behind the project, explaining the reasons behind the name of the residence and provided an overview of the residences and construction timelines.

At the end of the presentation, attendees were invited to sign up for smaller group sessions where details more specific to individual needs could be provided.

Attendees asked several questions on matters relating to financing, future housing projects, joint purchase of building materials and pension-related questions.

Source: The Daily Herald