Schools open with repairs and re-building still needed | THE DAILY HERALD

ANGUILLA–Minister for Education, Cora Richardson-Hodge says that schools are ready for the new term although repairs and re-building are still ongoing. She said unfortunately progress had been frustratingly slow due in part to the extensive amount of documentation necessary for the grant funding and procurement process. She said the ultimate goal was to build back better, stronger and more resilient and to greatly enhance the teaching and learning environment in the schools.

Regarding the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School Campus A, as reported previously, it is to be rebuilt entirely in The Quarter, while Campus B will remain at its current location until the government is in a financial position to construct it at the new location. Construction for Campus A will start early in 2019 and completion is expected by mid-2020. “The Ministry remains thankful for the sacrifices of teachers, parents and students intrying to ensure the education of our students is not compromised in the currentcircumstances. We will make every effort to keep the public abreast ofthe progress of the redevelopment project and we ask for your continued patienceand support in the months ahead,” the minister said.

All of the six primary schools have some repair and re-build issues. Vivien Vanterpool School has plans in place for the creation of additional learning and recreational space as well as roof repair. The Morris Vanterpool School is to be rebuilt and a design has been approved with construction planned to start in January 2019. At the Orealia Kelly School there was extensive damage to the auditorium and other areas. It is proposed to replace all zinc roofing on the school with concrete and to construct additional rooms for the school. The Valley Primary School construction was delayed but two buildings have been demolished prior to the start of the new term to minimise noise and dust. Construction should start before the end of the year. The Adrian T. Hazell School auditorium is to be demolished once a temporary replacement space is constructed. Rebuilding should start before the end of the year. At the Alwyn Allison School some repairs have already been undertaken and are currently continuing to the roof.

The minister noted that the ministry and government were grateful to the Governor’s Office and the UK government for their support and financial assistance in re-developing the education sector. She said the ministry was thankful to the principals, teachers, parents and students for the sacrifices made as every effort was being made to repair and rebuild the education sector.


Source: The Daily Herald