Schools to close today due to Isaac’s passing | THE DAILY HERALD

~ Business as normal, no curfew ~

PHILIPSBURG–All schools in St. Maarten, except for Learning Unlimited Preparatory School, are closed today, Thursday, due to the passing Tropical Storm Isaac. The closure is related to the Emergency Operation Centre, headed by Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin, erring on the side of caution “in this post Irma environment.”

The country remains under a tropical storm watch as of 2:00pm Wednesday.
The reopening of schools, tomorrow, Friday, will be assessed by the EOC today, Thursday.

The decision to close schools was based on loose debris still present around the country and some school buildings still with challenges. The country could experience some gale force winds of up to 35 miles per hour, according to the Meteorological Department.
“Based on these vulnerabilities due to the aftermath of Irma, and for the comfort and safety of our schoolchildren, it has been advised to close schools for that day as Isaac passes through the Lesser Antilles,” the prime minister said in the Council of Ministers press briefing on Wednesday.

Employers are urged by the prime minister to be lenient with employees who have child care issues today due to school closure.

Learning Unlimited, via its Facebook page, informed parents that its doors will remain open today. LU’s management said its reason for staying open is that businesses and day-cares are not expected to close, thus “countless families who will need to report to work.” LU’s aftercare and afterschool programmes will run as scheduled, with the exception of soccer practice at Raoul Illidge Sports Complex.

If an LU parent/guardian feels the weather or a personal situation impedes their child(ren) from attending a regular school day, the school will grant that child(ren) an “excused absence” day where the student will not be penalised for making up any missed work.
Government has not imposed a curfew on the country, but checkpoints will be set up by police and Royal Dutch Marines as a security precaution against disorderly behaviour.
Government services will remain open today and business operations can continue as normal.

The opening of shelters was deemed unnecessary.

Residents are requested by the EOC to closely monitor Isaac’s progress and use this time to review their disaster supply kits and hurricane preparations.
Residents can also get storm related information via Government Radio station 107.9FM, , or www.face .

Source: The Daily Herald