Schotte reports to prison today | THE DAILY HERALD


WILLEMSTAD–Former Curaçao Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte will report to the gates of the SDKK prison today, Wednesday at 9:00am to serve his three-year prison sentence.

  The High Court in The Hague recently confirmed the politician’s conviction for corruption, forgery and money laundering, making it irrevocable.

   Schotte wants to prevent a media show from taking place if he is arrested at home by the authorities. That’s why he is turning himself in.


  During a press conference on Monday the founder of current opposition party MFK did call on his followers to accompany him to the prison gate. In a letter sent to the Public Prosecutor’s Office last week, he announced wanting to use the so-called self-reporting right.

  According to Schotte, two serious criminals have recently been released to make room for him. The prosecution has not yet responded to the letter.

  After the verdict of the High Court Schotte’s lawyers had asked for electronic supervision instead of cell punishment because his children need him as a father.

  According to the court, there was no time left to deal with the request on such short term and electronic surveillance is usually awarded to detainees who have served most of their sentence and behaved well in the penitentiary.

  However, prison director Urny Floran explained that convicts can’t just show up to serve their time without an order of the Prosecutor’s Office and there are rules to follow. He said there are also procedures to deal with possible concerns about Schotte’s safety as an inmate.

Source: The Daily Herald