Scooter rider badly injured in collision | THE DAILY HERALD

Bystanders trying to help the injured scooter driver.

SIMPSON BAY–Scooter rider D.S. was severely injured in a collision with a grey Hyundai Accent near the Kim Sha Beach parking lot in Simpson Bay around 1:15pm Friday.

  Surveillance camera footage of the accident circulated widely on social media on Friday evening. It depicted the grey Accent on Welfare Road, heading towards the Simpson Bay bridge. S. was on a cream-coloured scooter going in the opposite direction.


The damage sustained by the scooter and the grey Hyundai Accent.

 The Accent driver suddenly made a left turn to enter the parking lot. S. braked hard, but was unable to stop before crashing into the car’s front passenger door.

  The force of impact threw S. off the bike, with his body violently twisting in the air for several moments before landing on the hard pavement. He was not wearing a helmet, said police on Friday afternoon.

  Police officers found S. lying on his back and in pain when they arrived at the scene. A large crowd of onlookers had gathered by this time and several bystanders were trying to comfort the injured rider, who had suffered severe cuts and bruises to his face and legs.

  Ambulance Department personnel treated S. at the scene and rushed him to St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) for further care. His injuries were not life-threatening, said police.

Source: The Daily Herald