Scooter rider dies on Cole Bay Hill | THE DAILY HERALD

COLE BAY–The Police Traffic department is investigating a tragic traffic accident involving a white vehicle and scooter accident that turned fatal on Thursday at 9:40pm on A.J.C. Brouwers Road in the vicinity of the roundabout.

According to police, a man driving a black T-Max scooter without license-plate coming from the direction of the roundabout collided head-on with a white vehicle with license-plate P-6606 coming from the opposite direction. As a result of the collision, the scooter driver ended up under the white vehicle.

On the arrival of the paramedics and the fire department, the victim was not showing any signs of life, according to police. Traffic on the A.J.C. Brouwers road was diverted for the Traffic Department to conduct their investigation. The scooter rider is believed to be well known on French St. Martin.

Police are still unclear of what the actual cause of the accident was. A medical doctor in the meanwhile pronounced the death of the victim who has been identified with initials N.F.A. (40). The body was transported to a morgue on Thursday evening.

Source: The Daily Herald