Scooter rider hospitalised with bone fractures after accident

MARIGOT–A scooter rider was transported to hospital with bone fractures, following an accident with a mini bus in French Quarter on Thursday afternoon.

Capitaine Régis Turlan Arto said the victim was wearing a helmet, and there was no evidence of alcohol consumption. He added the accident occurred on the RN7 in French Quarter at 2:15pm when the rider, travelling in the Belle Plaine direction, misjudged an overtaking manoeuvre and hit the bus head-on.

Witnesses reported seeing two persons on two scooters riding side by side, and it appeared the other scooter avoided the accident. There was an indication that two buses might have been hit by the scooters, but the Gendarmerie confirmed only one accident occurred involving one scooter and one mini bus.


Source: The Daily Herald