Scooter rider injured in accident on Union Road | THE DAILY HERALD

A motor scooter slammed into a black jeep coming out of a side street on Union Road around 6:00pm Wednesday.


COLE BAY–A motor scooter rider was injured in an accident on Union Road in Cole Bay around 6:00pm Wednesday, January 26.

  The St. Maarten Police Force KPSM received a call just after 6:15pm about an accident involving two cars and a motor scooter close to ACE Mega Center in Cole Bay.

  One person was injured and was taken to the hospital. The Traffic Department is still investigating the accident.

  According to eyewitnesses, a black pickup truck stopped on Union Road to give a black jeep a chance to come out of Well Road. While the pickup waited for the jeep to come out, a motor scooter came from the direction of the French side, probably overtaking some cars. It was still unclear who was at fault, said police spokesperson Joe Josepha Wednesday night.

  The scooter rider slammed into the black SUV and suffered injuries to his face and body. He was taken to St. Maarten Medical Center. His injuries were not life-threatening, said Josepha.

Source: The Daily Herald