Scooter rider injures his face in collision with a parked car | THE DAILY HERALD

The scooter rider was not wearing a helmet when he crashed into a parked car

PHILIPSBURG–Careless scooter riders who fail to abide by regulations established for road safety remain a point of irritation for the police and the community at large, the St. Maarten Police Force KPSM stated.

  The police Central Dispatch received several calls at 5:30pm Wednesday, September 1, regarding a traffic accident on St. Peters Road in which a scooter rider was severely injured.

  Investigation by Traffic Department personnel showed that the driver of a black Mazda with licence plate M-1002 had been crosswise on the road with the intention of reversing into his yard when a scooter approached on Watermelon Road.


The black Mazda was reversing into a yard when the scooter hit the front.

The scooter rider tried to evade the SUV. However, he struck the front of the SUV, lost control and crashed into a white van that was parked alongside the road. The scooter rider, who was not wearing a helmet, suffered injuries to the face and upper body.

  He was attended to by ambulance personnel and subsequently transported to St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) for further medical treatment.

  KPSM said police will not condone dangerous and illegal behaviour by users of the public roads and warns those who are not following road regulations to cease and desist. “It is our duty as officers of the law to enforce the traffic rules and we will not shy away from doing so. Persons caught in violation of the road rules will be dealt with.”

  Police further advise: “Reduce your speed. Wear your seat belt when operating a motor vehicle. Wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle. Be considerate of other road users. This can help prevent unnecessary mishaps. The life you save can very well be your own.”

Source: The Daily Herald