Scooter with no lights collides with car in FQ

MARIGOT—A scooter rider sustained a double leg fracture in an accident with a car in French Quarter on Wednesday evening but is otherwise stable, the Gendarmerie confirmed Thursday.

The accident occurred on the RN7 near Belle Plaine at around 7:30pm. Commandant Sébastien Manzoni indicated the car had started to make a turn into a driveway off the RN7 but never saw the T-Max scooter coming towards him from the opposite direction as it had no lights on. In addition the rider was not wearing a helmet.

“Gendarmes found that neither the scooter rider nor the car driver had licenses to drive,” he added.

Earlier in the day at a round 5:00pm there was an accident in the Lowlands area between a Quad and a car. The circumstances surrounding this accident were not immediately clear.

The Quad rider was taken to hospital with unspecified injuries but the car driver had no injuries.

Both accidents are under investigation.

Source: The Daily Herald