Sea conditions slow down salvage motor yacht ‘Elsa’

Motor yacht “Elsa” stranded at Saba’s Ladder Bay.


SABA–Operations for the salvage of the motor yacht Elsa, which ran aground at Ladder Bay on March 22, are still proceeding.

 While the ocean conditions did slow the process down, the salvage company continued to work when the swell permitted. Since the operation began, various goals have been accomplished, the most significant of these being the removal of the remaining fuel from the tanks, Saba Government Information Service (SGIS) said on Monday.

  Now that the landing craft has returned, the remainder of the fuel-laden items will be removed from the vessel. Representatives of both the owners of the vessel and the insurance companies are on Saba, overseeing the salvage process.

  Before further steps can be taken, an environmental assessment is being carried out on all options to ensure that the removal of the vessel has minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

  These assessments and the unpredictable ocean conditions may result in a lengthier salvage operation, but the removal of the vessel must be done in a manner that is safe for both the workers engaged in the process and the surrounding marine environment, SGIS said.

  Saba Conservation Foundation and the Public Entity Saba are fully engaged in the process in order to remain informed of the progress made and the next prospective steps.

Source: The Daily Herald