Section of dive site closed due to danger of collapse | THE DAILY HERALD

The section of the “Carib Cargo” dive site that has been closed.

PHILIPSBURG–St. Maarten Nature Foundation has closed a section of one of St. Maarten’s most popular dive sites, the Carib Cargo shipwreck, due to the risk it poses to divers visiting the site.

“We have inspected a section of the Carib Cargo wreck at the stern of the ship by the wheelhouse. That section, through which visiting divers often swim, has become unstable. Therefore, in order to keep the diving public safe, we have sent out a notification that that section of the wreck is closed,” Nature Foundation Manager Tadzio Bervoets explained.

The Carib Cargo is a popular dive site in the Man of War Shoal Marine Protected Area. The wreck is often visited and the area which is off limits is a small section at the rear of the ship. Divers can still enjoy the rest of the shipwreck, but swimming through the wheelhouse section is now off limits.

Source: The Daily Herald