Sécurité Civile fixes tarpaulins on Aline Hanson School roof

Préfète Anne Laubies (right) talks to Sécurité Civile members at Aline Hanson School in Sandy Ground.


MARIGOT–Préfète Anne Laubies was present in Sandy Ground at Aline Hanson School on Thursday to observe Sécurité Civile members recover the school’s roof with tarpaulins. Teachers have complained about leaks from the roof.

  Laubies took the opportunity to talk to the Sécurité Civil members about their mission in St. Martin. The force arrived on September 4 with a brief to remain here on rotation at least 3½ months, or until everything has returned to normal.

  To date 50,000 square metres of tarpaulin has been distributed in the territory with more than 1,000 requests, and100 more requests for tarpaulin still to be dealt with. In addition, four million litres of water, 35,000 emergency rations, and 400 tons of food have been distributed during the initial crisis phase.

  Sécurité Civile has also been responsible for unblocking roads, cleaning ravines, logistics work (management of the port), erecting emergency tents and assisting the Préfecture. 

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/71538-securite-civile-fixes-tarpaulins-on-aline-hanson-school-roof