Senior assaulted by home invader


MIDDLE REGION–The Police Robbery Unit was faced with another home invasion on Saturday evening when reports came in of an 84 year-old woman reportedly assaulted and raped in her home in Middle Region.

According to a family friend of the woman, a man forced his way into the home, confronted the woman and started to demand cash from her.

The senior resisted and the man started to hit her repeatedly and sexually assaulted her. The man took off after he had his way with her.

According to initial reports, the senior called family members and they contacted police for immediate assistance. Officers responded to the emergency and rushed to the scene.

Police searched the area for the culprit, but were unable to find him.

The woman told officers she had heard noises while in bed and had gone out to see what was going on. She said the man had pulled a knife on her and put it to her throat while pushing her into the bedroom.

Police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson said on Monday night that he had heard about the incident, but was unable to provide any details. He said police will make an official statement today, Tuesday, once he receives the detectives’ report.

The victim is related to a former Government Minister.

Source: The Daily Herald